Relentless theory taunting Cummins debunked

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Former Test speedy Geoff Lawson has debunked the mentation that caller skipper Pat Cummins volition conflict to equilibrium his gruelling workload arsenic a paceman with overseeing tract placements and bowling changes.

A stranglehold was bucked when Cummins was connected Friday named Australia's 47th Test captain, becoming the archetypal accelerated bowler to skipper the broadside since Ray Lindwall took power for 1 lucifer against India successful Bombay, present Mumbai, successful 1956.

Tim Paine's resignation amid a sexting scandal had paved the mode for Cummins' emergence to captaincy.

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While legendary Pakistan accelerated bowler Wasim Akram and erstwhile South Africa speedy Shaun Pollock some captained their respective teams, pace-bowling skippers successful Test cricket past are uncommon and hotly debated.

Pat Cummins has been appointed Australia's 47th Test captain. (Getty)

Lawson, who played 46 Tests for Australia successful the 1980s, concedes 1 situation confronting bowling captains is having a teammate "cajole" them distant from taking the ball.

But Lawson, who's immense joyousness astatine Cummins' emergence to captaincy is palpable successful a Sydney Morning Herald column, besides goes successful to bat for the bowling-captaincy brigade.

"David Warner volition ... beryllium keeping an oculus connected the formations, ebbs and flows of the game. Warner and (Steve) Smith volition not beryllium acrophobic to cajole Cummins to the bowling crease oregon distant from it, often cited arsenic the astir taxing judgement for a bowler-captain," Lawson writes successful the Sydney Morning Herald column.

Cummins named Australian Test captain

"I would endorse that version, but multitasking isn't that complicated; you are not reasoning astir tract placements oregon who's bowling into the upwind successful 40 minutes clip erstwhile you're moving successful to bowl: the absorption is sharp, crisp connected the intent of the delivery, constructing the over, moving to get the adjacent wicket."

Paine, who captained Australia successful 23 of the 35 Tests helium played, was elevated to the relation successful the aftermath of the 2018 sandpaper affair.

Then skipper Smith had received a two-year enactment suspension and the vice-captain of the time, Warner, had been dealt a beingness enactment ban.

Geoff Lawson has defended the determination to assignment Pat Cummins arsenic Australia's Test captain, bucking a long-time trend. (Steven Siewert/Fairfax Media)

Lawson points retired successful his file "the underlying reason" wherefore Paine bushed everyone to the captaincy appointment.

"The Tim Paine keeper-captain epoch came astir done astir antithetic circumstances successful the aftermath of the sandpaper scandal, but the underlying crushed Paine was elevated astir from status to captaincy was that the elder players successful the Test squad who were not suspended were bowlers," Lawson writes.

"Cummins was the standout imaginable mode backmost then."

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