Hird unveiled by Giants in leadership role

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Essendon fable James Hird is backmost successful an authoritative AFL relation for the archetypal clip since 2015 aft joining the GWS Giants successful an advisory role.

Hird was unveiled arsenic a enactment advisor for the Giants and volition articulation the nine successful a part-time capacity.

It is his archetypal authoritative AFL relation since being sacked arsenic Essendon's manager pursuing his engagement successful the club's infamous supplements programme during the 2012 season.

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Hird revealed that the relation came astir aft spending clip with the Giants' playing radical portion the squad was based retired of Melbourne during past season.

Hird joins the GWS Giants connected a part-time ground arsenic a enactment advisor (GWS Giants)

"It probably came about through Matt de Boer actually, I had got to know him quite well through immoderate enactment distant from the club and helium invited maine to travel down and person luncheon with the players while the squad were successful Melbourne past year," Hird said successful a nine statement.  

"Mark McVeigh then asked if I would travel and talk to the radical astir playing shot successful Melbourne, my experiences successful the AFL, and impart immoderate of my beingness journey. For younger players it's bully to hear, but besides for elder players.  

"Getting to cognize Leon (Cameron), I've had a immense magnitude of respect for him over a precise agelong play of time, truthful getting the accidental to enactment with him was something I was really looking guardant to.  

The relation with the Giants is Hird's archetypal successful an authoritative AFL capableness since being sacked arsenic Essendon manager (AAP)

"It's a part-time role, and precise overmuch astir the enactment radical but besides astir the emerging leaders and sharing my experiences successful shot and trying to get them to pb and promote and enactment hard connected that broadside of things."  

Giants' General Manager of Football, Jason McCartney, said Hird had "a batch to connection [the] club".

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"It's fantastic to person idiosyncratic of James' calibre articulation our programme and enactment with our enactment radical and emerging leaders' group," helium said.

"We invited James' insights from some his storied shot vocation and his enactment successful the concern world."

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