Woman posts unwelcoming sign outside studio

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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Police are investigating aft video captured a pistillate posting an unwelcoming connection connected the spot of a Northeast Philadelphia creation workplace past weekend.

"I spot her coming from crossed the street. She parked close there, and she started posting flyers," recalled Janay Pittman, a genitor who witnessed the incidental Saturday.

Cameras extracurricular the Kreative Legends workplace caught a pistillate taping papers to the spot on the 1300 artifact of Cottman Avenue.

The bid of idiosyncratic papers spelled retired the message, "You're not welcome."

"All I thought was that she was promoting a fundraiser, possibly selling food," said Pittman. "It shocked maine much than anything. I was speechless."

The creation workplace gave the flyers to the constabulary erstwhile they filed a report.

Authorities accidental they're alert of the incident. Action News has blurred the woman's look astatine this clip pending further probe by Philadelphia police.

"It was scary. Everyone was truthful shocked due to the fact that they bring their children. They would person ne'er expected this," said Kayla Shuler, the proprietor of the creation studio.

The ordeal happened conscionable arsenic ballet people for 3 to 6-year-olds was letting out.

Shuler says they relocated to the Cottman Avenue determination past month. She worries her concern was targeted due to the fact that it's minority-owned.

"You should not beryllium targeting children for nary reason. It's unacceptable. It's disgusting and I truly anticipation she gets recovered and gets charged," said Shuler.

Police accidental the pistillate near the country successful a burgundy SUV.

If you person immoderate accusation astir this incidental you are asked to telephone constabulary astatine 215-686-TIPS.

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