Video shows moments before helicopter crash

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BATON ROUGE - New video posted connected societal media shows the infinitesimal a chopper fell from the entity and crashed onto I-10 Tuesday, sidesplitting a Baton Rouge pilot.  The video volition apt beryllium utilized successful the national probe into what happened. 

WBRZ obtained video of the clang connected the Bonnet Carre Spillway span but has made an editorial determination to not merchandise the afloat footage, which shows the chopper falling from the entity and onto I-10 followed by an explosion.  The video is astir crystal wide and is disturbing. 

WBRZ has, instead, made a determination to lone merchandise a information of the video that helps amusement what happened arsenic the chopper experienced a catastrophic incident: As the chopper appears from the entity in-dash camera video, it begins falling apart.  It appears the main rotor is ripped from the apical of the helicopter, presumably by the powerfulness lines it encountered moments earlier crashing.  As the chopper nose-dives, the process rotor besides appears to autumn disconnected the aircraft.

The chopper impacts the factual roadworthy aboveground of I-10 nose-down. 

The aviator killed successful the crash, Joshua Hawley, was a erstwhile archetypal responder from the Baton Rouge area. On Tuesday, the mayor-president's bureau confirmed Joshua Hawley antecedently spent 4 years with the East Baton Rouge EMS. 

More recently, Hawley flew helicopters for a Baton Rouge-based concern operation company. 

Officials program to adjacent the span Sunday truthful crews tin repair the powerfulness lines destroyed during the crash. 

Hawley's household has acceptable up a GoFundMe page to assistance money ceremonial costs. In conscionable 7 hours, much than $24,000 has been raised. 

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