'Unfathomably selfish' Djokovic slammed

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Both disdain and enactment for Novak Djokovic are piling successful aft the satellite No.1 was palmy successful his situation of the Australian government's visa cancellation.

The bonzer twist successful the national circuit tribunal means Djokovic is present successful a presumption to triumph a record-breaking 21 singles Grand Slam titles astatine adjacent week's Australian Open.

Much of the absorption from journalists and tennis players has been scathing.

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"Exhausting immoderate and each loophole successful an effort to get into a state portion unvaccinated is unfathomably selfish," wrote sports writer Matt Walsh connected Twitter.

Writer Rochelle Riley said Djokovic had "won the battle, but should suffer the war".

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Novak Djokovic has had his visa cancellation overturned successful court. (Getty)

"The satellite is astatine warfare with COVID-19," Riley added.

"Novak Djokovic should not beryllium allowed to enactment sports earlier safety. He needs to spell home."

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Spanish satellite No.3 Garbine Muguruza had weighed successful anterior to the determination successful the national circuit tribunal being made.

"I americium vaccinated. It's a nonsense battle: sooner oregon aboriginal everyone volition person to get vaccinated," Muguruza said.

"What's happening (with Djokovic) is simply a amusement and I don't cognize if this is bully for tennis."

Novak Djokovic, who's not vaccinated, has received lashing disapproval amid his combat to stay successful Australia for the archetypal expansive slam of 2022. (Getty)

Nine sports commentator Peter FitzSimons wrote: "I americium not, I guarantee you successful the Djokovic instrumentality club, and helium gives maine the ragings ... But successful aftermath of tribunal quashing the national authorities connected withdrawing his visa, my gut instinct is the authorities ... can't invoke a caller rule. The tribunal says his paperwork was OK".

And determination are plentifulness backing the arguable superstar.

Most of his backing is coming from supporters where's located successful Melbourne, arsenic good arsenic friends, household and the faithful astatine location successful Serbia.

"Supporters person arrived astatine his determination amid reports that helium whitethorn beryllium imminently re-detained," wrote Michael Miller of The Washington Post, who published a video of Djokovic supporters protesting.

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Remarkably, Djokovic's combat to stay successful Australia for the archetypal Grand Slam of 2022 mightiness not beryllium over.

The Novak Djokovic tribunal lawsuit has gripped the world. (Getty)

Commonwealth authorities barrister Christopher Tran told the tribunal helium had been instructed that Minister for Home Affairs Karen Andrews could usage discretionary powerfulness to cancel Djokovic's visa.

Judge Anthony Kelly confirmed that if Djokovic was deported successful that mode that helium would not beryllium allowed to instrumentality to Australia for 3 years.

Djokovic is adjacent with Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer connected 20 singles Grand Slam titles and past clinched glory astatine Wimbledon successful 2021.

Nadal is acceptable to vie successful the Australian Open and appears to beryllium successful good touch, having taken retired the Melbourne Summer Set rubric connected Sunday.

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