Nicaragua detains opposition leader in pre-election crackdown

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(CNN)Nicaragua's crackdown connected absorption leaders and activists up of elections this autumn shows nary motion of ending, with constabulary detaining yet different starring fig -- lawyer Roger Reyes -- connected Friday.

Reyes, a subordinate of the Political Council of the absorption Blue and White National Unit (UNAB), was fixed a 90-day judicial detention, according to a connection by the country's Public Ministry connected Monday.

By CNN's tally, helium is the 34th absorption fig to beryllium arrested since May 28, up of the November 7 elections successful which President Daniel Ortega plans to tally for re-election.

    Reyes, according to the ministry, is being investigated by the constabulary for allegedly attacking "Nicaraguan nine and the rights of the radical successful accordance with Law 1055 and the Penal Code.

      Nicaragua's ideology  is crumbling. It's been a agelong  clip  coming

      The connection claims that Reyes has engaged successful "acts that undermine the sovereignty, independency and self-determination of Nicaragua" and that helium has "celebrated the imposition of sanctions against the State of Nicaragua and its citizens."

      UNAB posted connected its Twitter relationship that Reyes had been arrested connected Friday nighttime by the National Police. "So acold his whereabouts are unknown. We request that his carnal integrity and those of much than 140 governmental prisoners beryllium respected," said the absorption alliance.

      The radical told CNN that Reyes already has a defence attorney, but would not springiness their name, citing information reasons.

      Seven Nicaraguan absorption   leaders detained up  of election

        The Blue and White Unit shared a video that Reyes recorded successful mid-June wherever helium anticipates his arrest. In the video, helium calls for the country's societal and governmental sectors to unite against the Daniel Ortega government.

        Many absorption leaders and activists detained successful caller months are being investigated for alleged actions against nationalist sovereignty oregon alleged wealth laundering -- claims that they, their relatives and lawyers person broadly rejected.

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