LIVE: Rafa drops bomb after Novak court win

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Perhaps Novak Djokovic's top foe connected a tennis court, Rafael Nadal, has pulled disconnected an astounding backflip amid his rival's visa battle.

But the erstwhile satellite No.1, who's locked connected a grounds 20 azygous Grand Slam titles with Djokovic and Roger Federer, has since voiced a dramatically antithetic presumption connected the Djokovic fiasco.

"Whether oregon not I hold with Djokovic connected immoderate things, justness has spoken and has said that helium has the close to enactment successful the Australian Open and I deliberation it is the fairest determination to bash so, if it has been resolved that way. I privation him the champion of luck," Nadal told Spanish vigor presumption Onda Cero.

"On a idiosyncratic level, I'd overmuch alternatively helium didn't play!

"It's sports, galore interests determination astir it, connected a wide level, astatine an economic, advertizing level. Everything is overmuch amended erstwhile the champion tin beryllium playing."

But Nadal didn't halt abbreviated of reiterating his presumption connected vaccination.

"The astir important institutions successful the satellite accidental that the vaccine is the mode to halt this pandemic and the catastrophe that we person been surviving for the past 20 months," Nadal said.

Djokovic is acceptable to play successful the Australian Open contempt not being vaccinated.

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