Hiring at US technology companies reaches near two-year high

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Tech firms successful the US added astir 26,800 workers successful August, the largest monthly summation successful specified jobs since November 2018, says CompTIA.


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Technology companies successful the United States person been connected a hiring spree, according to manufacture commercialized relation CompTIA. In August, tech firms added astir 26,800 workers successful some method and non-technical roles, arsenic cited successful the "Employment Situation" study precocious released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That's the largest monthly summation successful jobs astatine specified employers since November 2018. For the twelvemonth arsenic a whole, tech manufacture hiring has accrued by much than 120,000 positions.

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Job postings for unfastened exertion positions are besides connected the rise. Such posts jumped past 321,000 successful August, with 30% of them involving emerging technology, CompTIA said successful a caller tech jobs report. Three retired of 10 occupation postings were for positions successful emerging technologies oregon jobs that required emerging tech skills.

The hiring was a invited counterbalance to weaker payroll maturation and slower tech employment successful different industries. IT jobs crossed each sectors of the U.S. system fell by 334,000 successful August. This diminution could beryllium owed to higher levels of volatility successful the BLS's monthly reporting. Another origin whitethorn beryllium that uncertainty implicit the delta variant of COVID-19 impacted hiring for tech jobs successful definite sectors, according to CompTIA.

Overall, the unemployment complaint for exertion occupations is inactive astatine a precise debased 1.5% compared with the nationalist complaint of 5.2%.


Image: CompTIA

"There are a fig of positives successful this month's Jobs Report with tech assemblage hiring, a falling unemployment complaint and beardown leader hiring enactment for tech talent," Tim Herbert, enforcement vice president for probe and marketplace quality astatine CompTIA, said successful a property release. "The offsetting dip successful tech hiring successful immoderate areas of the system is simply a imaginable origin for interest but could besides beryllium a momentary intermission successful an different upward trending tech hiring curve."

All 5 categories successful the tech assemblage enjoyed an summation successful hiring successful August. The class of information processing, hosting and related services witnessed the biggest summation with 11,900 caller jobs. Next, IT services and customized bundle improvement saw 9,800 caller hires. The hunt motor class helped itself with 3,500 caller jobs, followed by machine and physics products manufacturing with 1,400 caller positions and telecommunications with a much humble 200.

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Looking astatine the hiring enactment for the 5 apical tech roles, bundle and exertion developers came successful archetypal successful August with 96,900 caller jobs. Emerging tech and information was 2nd with 87,400 caller jobs, followed by IT enactment specialists with 27,300, web developers with 20,300, and systems analysts with 20,000.

The apical states for tech occupation postings past period were California, Texas, Florida, New York and Virginia. The apical cities oregon metropolitan regions were New York, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Los Angeles and Chicago. And the apical employers were Deloitte, Amazon, Humana, Anthem Blue Cross and Accenture.

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