Gitcoin (GTC) Price skyrockets in anticipation of the upcoming Grants Round 12 and GR12 Hackathon

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As the bulk of cryptocurrencies escaped autumn pursuing quality of a caller COVID-19 virus, the Gitcoin (GTC) terms has been skyrocketing successful the past 24 hours.

Gitcoin was up by 100% astatine the clip of penning aft mounting a caller all-time precocious of $29.03 aboriginal Saturday morning.

The coin has been connected the emergence since November 17 lone that contiguous it has gone parabolic and adjacent much than doubled its marketplace price. But why?

Read connected to find retired wherefore Gitcoin (GTC) is connected the rise.

What is Gitcoin (GTC)?

Gitcoin (GTC) is the autochthonal cryptocurrency of the Gitcoin blockchain. It is utilized arsenic a governance token wrong the blockchain and users usage it to ballot connected proposals and upcoming projects. The much the coins the much the voting power.

For those who are caller to Gitcoin blockchain, it is simply a assemblage of creators and builders of the aboriginal open-source net protocols. It is connected a ngo to make the adjacent procreation of Web 3.0 open-source economically vesting internet.

Developers gain cryptocurrencies for moving connected open-source blockchain projects. More so, the developers person an casual clip since they larn however to make projects done documentation arsenic they enactment connected the projects.

Project owners besides person the liberty of sourcing for funds to bring their applications to marketplace faster done Gitcoin’s backing and DAO.

Besides being utilized arsenic a governance token successful Gitcoin, the GTC coin is besides traded connected astir crypto exchanges meaning investors tin put successful the coin to marque wealth by selling it erstwhile the terms appreciates.

Why is Gitcoin (GTC) terms soaring?

On November 17, Gitcoin announced Grants Round 12 (GR12), which is usually Gitcoin’s biggest quarterly event. The lawsuit is scheduled to footwear disconnected connected December 1st and tally done December 16th, 2021.

GTC terms seems to beryllium gathering a bullish momentum arsenic the G12 and G12 hackathon approaches.

Core Gitcoin contributors are expected to marque presentations alongside cardinal partners astatine the opening of the GR12 to showcase the galore improvements that Gitcoin is making to the flagship grants offering.

At the clip of the announcement, implicit $1.5 cardinal successful full matching funds had already been committed and the full matching money by the clip the G12 starts is expected to interruption each erstwhile records.

A GR12 Hackathon shall besides beryllium hosted alongside the grants round. The hackathon is sponsored by the likes of Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ledger, AWS Samples, Vite Labs, Unigrants, Mask Network, Badger Finance, GetSafle, and Shield DAO among others.

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