Five gaping holes remain in Djokovic saga

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Regardless of however the full "an unvaccinated Novak Djokovic goes to Australia" saga concludes — and, despite a favorable tribunal ruling yesterday, his presumption was inactive up successful the air — determination are plentifulness of cardinal questions for the top-ranked tennis subordinate to answer.

For starters:

—Why didn't helium get COVID-19 shots? Djokovic confirmed successful an affidavit submitted arsenic portion of his ineligible lawsuit that helium is not vaccinated; non-citizens entering Australia request to beryllium inoculated, unless they are approved for a aesculapian exemption.

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—What was his program to play successful the Australian Open and effort to assertion a men's-record 21st Grand Slam rubric if helium had not tested affirmative for COVID-19 past month? (That trial was his ground for seeking an exemption.) Was helium resigned to sitting retired the tourney he's won a grounds 9 times?

—Why was helium astatine a nationalist lawsuit a time aft receiving the effect of that affirmative test?

—What does Djokovic expect to hap moving guardant arsenic helium travels the globe intending to play successful tournaments elsewhere that mightiness person vaccination requirements?

—How volition the much than 100 hours Djokovic spent confined to a edifice country portion awaiting the entreaty of his visa's cancellation impact him mentally and physically if helium does get to enactment successful an lawsuit that begins adjacent Monday?

Djokovic has yet to code immoderate of the supra issues during a whirlwind swirl of events that included taking a formation to Australia believing that helium had been approved to spell to the state that hosts the year's archetypal Grand Slam tennis tournament; an eight-hour standoff astatine an airdrome successful Melbourne; the cancellation of his visa aft questions arose astir the aesculapian exemption helium was granted; a judge's ruling that overturned that cancellation and freed the 34-year-old from Serbia from detention connected the grounds helium wasn't fixed capable clip to talk to his lawyers earlier his introduction was blocked astatine the airport.

Dijana Djokovic, Srdjan Djokovic and Djordje Djokovic, the mother, begetter and member of Serbian tennis subordinate Novak Djokovic clasp a property league successful Belgrade. (Getty)

As Monday became Tuesday successful Australia, the lawsuit rested successful the hands of the country's migration minister, who could overrule the justice and bid that Djokovic beryllium deported.

Of adjacent much consequence: Such a determination besides could effect successful Djokovic being barred from Australia for 3 years. Looking astatine this purely from a sports perspective, that would beryllium rather harsh and rather significant, denying Djokovic a accidental to accumulate much trophies astatine a hard-court tourney helium has ruled overmuch successful the mode Rafael Nadal has dominated astatine the French Open and Roger Federer has astatine Wimbledon.

Novak Djokovic was confined to an migration detention edifice arsenic helium awaited a tribunal ruling connected his visa application. (AP)

"Despite each that has happened, I privation to enactment and effort to vie ... I stay focused connected that," Djokovic wrote successful a Twitter posting from conscionable aft midnight section clip that included a photograph showing him with 2 rackets successful hand, manager Goran Ivanisevic and others astatine the Australian Open's main court. "I flew present to play astatine 1 of the astir important events we person successful beforehand of the astonishing fans."

Djokovic, who has won the tourney 3 years successful a row, followed up with different tweet to convey folks for "standing with maine done each this and encouraging maine to enactment strong."

That beauteous overmuch accounts for everything the satellite has heard from Djokovic connected the matter.

Crowds battalion retired Melbourne's CBD aft Novak Djokovic is released. (Nine)

Meanwhile, backmost location successful Serbia, his parents and member met with reporters to tout triumph via the judge's determination — which could person been premature, depending connected what Australia's curate for immigration, citizenship, migrant services and multicultural affairs yet does.

Asked by a newsman astir Djokovic's nationalist quality without a disguise connected December 17, pursuing a December 16 affirmative COVID-19 trial — radical successful Serbia person been fined for violating self-isolation rules during the pandemic — his brother, Djordje, responded: "This property league is adjourned astatine the moment."

Whenever Djokovic himself is disposable to the media, helium should beryllium much consenting to connection explanations.

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