90-year-old restaurant opening for 1 day

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Raleigh, N.C. — One of Raleigh's oldest restaurants has been closed since the opening of the pandemic. On Wednesday, the doors volition unfastened for 7 hours for the customers who missed it.

The owners of The Mecca volition service meal and luncheon betwixt 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., though reservations volition not beryllium allowed. All tips received from customers passim the time volition beryllium donated to the Salvation Army USA.

The paper for Wednesday was not posted, but The Mecca posted connected Facebook that its staples volition return, among them the citrus herb chicken.

Like different restaurants, The Mecca closed for information reasons erstwhile the pandemic began. It has remained closed for truthful agelong mostly owed to a deficiency of workers, opening for conscionable 1 different one-day-only lawsuit past summer.

Owners anticipation to yet reopen adjacent twelvemonth but said it’s been a situation uncovering staff.

 It's that time.

The Dombalis household opened Mecca Lucheonette connected May 1, 1930, astatine the country of Fayetteville and Hargett Streets. Seven years later, the edifice relocated to its existent location astatine 13 E. Martin St. It is known for late-night eats and elemental staples including homemade soups, burgers and sandwiches.

In 2018, aft astir 90 years of household ownership, The Mecca was bought retired by Empire Eats, the section edifice radical down The Pit, Sitti, Gravy, Raleigh Times and Morning Times. Until the pandemic forced the edifice to impermanent close, the owners didn't alteration what radical loved astir the landmark eatery.

Mecca successful  downtown Raleigh

WRAL manner exertion Kathy Hanrahan contributed to this report.


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